Building Alterations

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  1. New cafe opens out onto public space
  2. Flexible space accommodates diverse community uses
  3. External seating spills out into the new plaza
  4. Improved circulation around the hub and to the rest of the park
  5. Building visible from fountain route axis
  6. Bold signage enhances visibility and prominence
  7. Office space for park staff
  8. Dramatically improved public toilets
  9. Improved flexible space for nursery
  10. Rationalised external space for nursery off main play room

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

CGI: Extended building

Scale & massing

The extended building is to be of an appropriate scale for the park, with a single storey addition that sits comfortably within its context. A new roof for the existing building will dramatically improve its appearance by removing the current low-pitched form and associated vandalism issues.

Although only single storey, the extension will increase the building’s prominence within the park with a simple, striking monopitched form; this will address the critical axial route across the park to the fountain in a more positive and confident manner. This is anticipated to act as an aid to wayfinding and draw people into the Park.

However, the design will not be too dominant an insertion into the surroundings, being considerably lower than the park’s mature trees. The fountain is to remain the most prominent feature of the park.


The existing uses on the site will be maintained - the children’s nursery & public toilets will remain in the refurbished existing building.

There will be new provision for the park staff in the form of a small, externally accessed office within the existing building.

The new extension will house the park ‘community hub’ - a cafe (approx. 28 internal covers & 36 external covers) adjoining a flexible space. This will host a diverse array of activities, many connected to the park. This will include meetings, workshops and exhibitions. It will also act as cafe overspill at certain times.

The building will also act as the interpretation hub for Victoria Park, with internal and external displays.


The extension will add 118m2 of floorspace to the 205m2 footprint of the current building. Of this 45m2 will be for community use and 73m2 for the cafe. See floor plans below for further information.


The cafe and community room address the main axis path and open out onto the surrounding public space.

The position of the public toilets within the building is largely unchanged, but their configuration and access is significantly enhanced. Male and female toilets are entered from either side of the building’s west wing, with a series of family and DDA-compliant
WCs accessed from the end.

The nursery will have a separate entrance courtyard space for controlled access, and a reconfigured external play space, opening out from the main play room.